India is still in the old era of using under-ground storm water drain i.e. Precast RCC Pipes & cast-in-situ Manhole. However, due to immense technical issues related performance, maintenance & service life of this orthodox system, Japan had switched over to surface drain concept since many decades.

However, to execute cast-in- situ RCC surface storm water drain in perfect line & level is a tedious & time consuming job. In India, the surface storms water drains are often kept away from light vehicular traffic and occupying extra piece of your costly land.

FUJI Precast RCC ‘Free Slope’ Strom water drain is the solution for faster & smarter way of providing effective & efficient storm water surface drain.

As per its name, FUJI Precast RCC ‘Free Slope’ storm water drain is designed to give customized slope to your storm water network. Even the storm water can be taken into reverse direction of the road gradient, giving you ease of designing the faster & smarter way of storm water solution.